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What is URL Redirection

 What is URL Redirection

 What is URL Redirection

What is URL Redirection. URL Redirection, besides known every bit URL forwarding, domain redirection too domain forwarding, is a technique for making a webpage available nether many URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) on the internet.

For example, you lot accept a companionship named 'My Company Pvt. Ltd' abbreviated every bit 'MCPL', directly your customers may essay reaching your companionship abode page using diverse links similar, [],, etc. So your companionship tin flame register all these names, too whenever anyone looks for these site names, you lot tin flame straight them to your actual abode page. Redirecting URL is besides useful if you lot desire to shorten a long affiliate URL.

Good URLs should accept a shape similar /vexat/products/standard/windows.htm too non something similar But the latter is the variety of URL well-nigh publishing systems generate.

The stance is to practise "virtual" URLs that await unproblematic too tin flame hold upward indexed past times dynamically. In fact, the URLs for your dynamic content tin flame accept whatsoever shape you lot like, but at the same fourth dimension static content (that powerfulness besides hold upward on your server) tin flame hold upward reached past times its regular URL.

There are diverse uses of URL redirection. Firstly, they furnish slowly to recall too constant aliases. Usually on the meshwork nosotros accept long too complex too it is impossible to recall them. It is improve to usage URL redirection. Secondly, if you lot movement your content to another domain name, but you lot desire to keep the listing of visitors, you lot tin flame usage URL redirection. Also, URL redirection helps you lot keep a log of visitors that view your page, that is which purpose of the world, which parts or domains of the site did they visit, etc.

The services that URL redirections perform are URL redirection services too URL perplexical services.

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